The love and peace that IS me, honors the love and peace that IS you. - Namaste 

The love and peace that IS me, honors the love and peace that IS you. - Namaste 

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
— Mother Teresa

With honor and love

"It’s difficult for me to describe how meaningful Jenna has been to me as a yoga teacher; not only was she the first person that showed me the true meaning of yoga, she in turn became a mentor and one of my dearest friends. It is impossible to describe her classes without describing her as a person and in turn my own yoga journey because she plays such a pivotal roll in it all.  My first class of Jenna’s I came as a troubled girl obsessed with my physical appearance, angry, alone, sad and filled with an unexplained self-loathing. I naturally gravitated toward the very back row, where I over emphasized every pose, compared myself to everyone and tried to push myself into positions I knew I wasn’t ready for. I distinctly remember at one point during the class while holding pigeon pose Jenna asking everyone to focus on one thing we loved about ourselves, I began to cry because I couldn’t think of one thing that I loved about myself. It was at that moment that I knew I needed to continue taking classes from her. In short I instantly became a regular in her classes. She not only transformed my physical yoga practice, but also inspired me to live for myself, take risks, embark on my own teacher training experience and showed me what it means to be a friend. Jenna has a way of making each and every student feel special in a class full of people, whether you’re brand new or the two weirdo’s in the front row giggling. She whole-heartedly wants to bring the healing magic of yoga to everyone. Taking a class of hers never gets old; her passion shines through in new and creative flows, carefully crafted musical selections and her ability to make you feel at ease. She’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to alignment techniques and the body, but also advocates always having fun, playing around and trying new things; even if it means falling on your asana.  To sum it all up Jenna Jensen is an amazing teacher and human being, and I’ve never known anyone to leave her class without a newfound love of the practice of yoga." - Staci Cox - Tempe, AZ 

"I have had the opportunity to experience a few different yoga instructors from all over, and they all teach with different variations and styles but Jenna has something special that I see on her face every day when I walk into class, and that is the pure joy of teaching and loving on her students. Every week she strives to personally introduce herself to all her new students and makes sure that she knows where they are coming from before she starts to teach. That is something that she doesn't really need to do, but she wants to make sure that her students get the most out of their practice. During class you continue to get this passionate vibe from her as she guides you through. She has this weird sense and always notices the smallest things, like clenching your jaw or that your core isn't engaged and reminds you to relax it, or keep pushing through. I always look forward to my Tuesdays nights at Yoga Nirvana with Jenna because it is when I’m the happiest and when my body feels the best!" - Sydnee Akers - Phoenix, AZ

"Jenna's classes are perfect for anyone wanting to experience a challenging, energetic vinyasa flow.   I would recommend her classes to new and advanced practitioners, alike!  Jenna takes time to fully explain each and every posture and offers different variations and modifications for anyone interested in yoga.  Jenna's energy is calm, confident and playful.  She has helped me get into postures I never thought I would be able to complete by working with me one on one.  I admire Jenna's strength, poise and humility.  Jenna is an experienced yoga instructor with the insight and openness to help others advance their yoga practice." - Kelly Rigg - Mesa, AZ

"I've been doing yoga for about 8 years and Jenna is easily one of the best and most unique instructors I have ever taken. Even though I am a regular (taking her class at least twice a week), I am constantly surprised by the variety of unique poses and sequences that she introduces class after class. I think she is able to accomplish this due to her ongoing dedication to discoveries in her own yoga practice and from her studies and research which she graciously shares with her practicing students. She is an exceptionally positive person with a great sense of humor that keeps her classes light and fun, while also offering a challenge. It is obvious in her attitude and smiles throughout classes that there is no place she would rather be than guiding her students through their practice and this level of care definitely translates into the high quality of her instruction." - John Tang - Tempe, AZ

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